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Writing in 2010 and 2011

Somehow I managed to survive this last semester of school and have learned that Engineering and ECAD do not agree with me as future career possibilities. Alas, I have no new chapters or even revised chapters to post, mostly because I burned my brain out writing technical papers for Engineering and doing research for an Honors paper that I never did get around to writing. Next semester may be better for writing but it is also more reading intensive so we'll see how things go.

I am still revising Good Intentions at the moment to clarify some plot problems and am desperately seeking a BETA to bounce ideas off of. If you are interested in Beta-ing, please e-mail me. Somehow I managed to get tons of offers before and due to my horrible correspondence and RL problems, never did get back to anyone!

Other than some revision work for GI, I have been plagued by crossover plot bunnies which you may or may not eventually see posted on my Insanejournal. The only good news I can report is that I have not had any new novel-length ideas which means someday in the future I may actually get to finish Good Intentions, rewrite Irreversible Destiny and eventually start Precarious Destiny.

I wanted to thank everyone for their wonderful support and patience this year. Your comments and encouragement have really helped me pull through the rough times that occurred. While I have not written as often as I liked this year, I did do a lot of plotting so I expect once I get everything ironed out you will be seeing updates by this summer at the latest.

Have a great New Year and be safe, wherever you are!
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I'm alive...for the time being. Started my second week of school, going full time and my Engineering and ECAD classes are chewing me up. I'm spending more time than I like reading and taking notes, reading some more, oh and doing some homework here and there. My Engineering class does two large group projects, one that eats up the second half of the semester entirely so I'm expecting my writing time to go down the tubes. So, here's the forewarning: you may not hear from me again until November or December and I may or may not return with the revised GI chapters.
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On updating

My father passed away on the 4th of this month and his funeral is going to be held over the first weekend of July. Things have been rough since he passed, there are a lot of arrangements to be made and settling the last of his affairs. My hope is to begin posting again by this fall, though I make no promises. I find that even though he's gone, there are just as many issues to deal with as when he was sick. Rest assured, nothing is abandoned and eventually things will get updated when I have the proper time to invest in writing again.

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RL Troubles

It's been a while so I thought I'd drop a note so you all know I'm still alive. My dad's health has taken a very bad nosedive and as I write this, he's been in the ICU at the hospital for a week now. He is currently on a respirator and we are unsure if he will be able to sustain his own breathing without it. He's reached a crossroad wherein both mind and body are tired and this last setback in his health may have been the final breaking point for hope of recovery. It's been a very difficult time for my family and I wish I had better news to impart to you all. While I haven't been writing much new material, I have been editing and revising posted material. When you'll see the edited material or new chapters is still up in the air. Your kind words and support have helped tremendously though, and I wanted to let you all know that I appreciate it.


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Writing in 2010

Happy Belated New Year to everyone! I hope that everyone is doing great and that things are going well for you and your family.

RL has stopped kicking me around too badly but I am now enrolled back in College and I suspect that updates will be pretty slow in coming. I have been working on minor revisions for GI so that I can get back to work on the next chapter. Work on the crossovers has pretty much come to a halt, due to my muses going AWOL. Hopefully they will come back soon and I can get the next chapters of Lost and Catalyst out.

I'm thinking of starting a drabble project which will start on my birthday, the 31st of this month, just to keep my writing skills sharp. I haven't decided yet if it's going to be character study, word prompt, scenerio prompt, pairing prompt, etc. but I'm pretty sure it's going to be random one-shot like drabbles from whatever fandom my muses decide on. This could be an everyday project, once a week or once a month. I guess it'll depend on my schedule and my muses. When I begin posting, it'll be found on my Insanejournal but I will post here to let anyone interested know that it's up for viewing.

Have a great start to the year!

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On my Insanejournal

I've posted three crossovers I have been in the process of writing in the last
year or so onto my insanejournal. They are all first chapters and depending on
the feedback may or may not be continued.

The Twilight crossover "Lost" probably will be continued, if only to preserve my
sanity and to vent my annoyance with the constant barrage of Edward/Harry fics,
most of which are lacking in quality. The chosen pairing is Marcus Volturi/Harry
and is set during New Moon.

The Fullmetal Alchemist crossover "Catalyst" may or may not be continued as I've
no idea how to take the story where I had originally planned and I'm kind of
short on free time to work it out to my satisfaction.

Lastly, the Anita Blake crossover "Mythos" will very likely be continued as I
planned this story to be episodic in nature. It works well with my current
lifestyle and there's no lack of back story to fill which could keep this
crossover going for a while.

All these crossovers can be found here in my memories under their crossover
designation (i.e. FMA/HP, Twilight/HP and Anita Blake/HP).


I hope you enjoy these, as they are the product of my mental meanderings in the
last year or so.

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GI 8 Posted

After a great deal of re-arranging, GI 8 has been posted. It's a bit lacking in transitions but I figured something is better than nothing. There are two versions of this chapter, an edited found on FFnet and an un-edited which will be on HPfandom for right now.

FFnet- http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3098394/9/

HPfandom- http://www.hpfandom.net/eff/viewstory.php?sid=35332&i=1

I hope that you all enjoy this chapter. Thank you for all the well wishes and comments!

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Update Status 2009


I hope that everyone has been doing well in the months that I have been busy with RL. Unfortunately, I wish that I had better news to give you all. Truthfully, I never thought the day would come where I would need to take a hiatus but that day has indeed arrived. A couple of months ago, life had been hectic but these days, I'm lucky if I get a couple hours to myself for myself.

Collapse )

I'd like to thank everyone who has enjoyed my writing and has left reviews or comments for me. It makes all the effort and time that goes into plotting, researching, and writing both rewarding and fulfilling for as a writer.

This is not the end-- for me or my writing, only a short stop before a new beginning.

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Happy New Year!

So I'm a little behind but Happy New Year everyone!

I was able to partially complete my promise to revise the GI chapters. I've re-posted the first four to all the websites it's currently hosted on (Fanfiction.net, HPfandom, Adultfanfiction.net). There were a few minor changes here and there, and the addition of a bit of vital information but mostly it was fixing inconsistencies. Hopefully I can get more of it done and get the next new chapter out soon.

I've linked the FFN address because that's the totally age accessible site.

FFN- http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3098394/1/Good_Intentions
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Exorcising a Crossover bunny

Ok, so yesterday I whined about how I was relentlessly harassed by plot bunnies and had started a new story. So here is the best way to get rid of it, share it and see if anyone finds it worth continuing.

It is a Harry Potter/Anita Blake crossover set after Narcassius in Chains and is sort of a time-travel to a different world crossover. It's mainly set in the AB verse. Pairings are undecided but will probably be slash and there's really no particular warnings for this partial chapter. You can find it at the link provided below.


Feedback would be greatly appreciated, thanks!