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Fanfiction in 2008

First of all, Happy New Year to everyone!

In 2007, my updating habits became atrocious so I'm hoping that 2008 will be different. As much as I wish I could manage posting several stories at a time, I think that aside from the occasional one-shot or short story (if I can write such a thing), I probably won't juggle more than three WIP fics at a time. That's right, I said three.

The first, of course, is "Good Intentions" which I have every intention of continuing and hopefully making better process this year. Second is finishing the revision of "Irreversible Destiny" and starting the sequel, "Precarious Destiny". In my mind, this story has always been one large story that is only divided into three parts (Irreversible Destiny, Precarious Destiny and Manifest Destiny respectively).

Finally, the third planned story I will be releasing in 2008 is a companion story to "Good Intentions" tentatively titled "Void". The companion story will be centered largely on Not-Friend and the characters it interacts with. Why the companion story? I find writing Not-Friend's perspective in the main story disruptive since it has such a unique view and the role it will soon be playing is too broad to fit in well with the main story.

So those are the stories you can expect to be continued and/or released in 2008. I will try to update more frequently as my schedule allows but regardless of how long it takes me to update, I promise that I will do my best to write high quality fanfic!

Let's all have a prosperous, happy and productive New Year!
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