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Where Plotbunnies Play!
And inevitably, drive this authoress crazy...
On my Insanejournal 
12th-Aug-2009 10:16 pm
bunny, feed
I've posted three crossovers I have been in the process of writing in the last
year or so onto my insanejournal. They are all first chapters and depending on
the feedback may or may not be continued.

The Twilight crossover "Lost" probably will be continued, if only to preserve my
sanity and to vent my annoyance with the constant barrage of Edward/Harry fics,
most of which are lacking in quality. The chosen pairing is Marcus Volturi/Harry
and is set during New Moon.

The Fullmetal Alchemist crossover "Catalyst" may or may not be continued as I've
no idea how to take the story where I had originally planned and I'm kind of
short on free time to work it out to my satisfaction.

Lastly, the Anita Blake crossover "Mythos" will very likely be continued as I
planned this story to be episodic in nature. It works well with my current
lifestyle and there's no lack of back story to fill which could keep this
crossover going for a while.

All these crossovers can be found here in my memories under their crossover
designation (i.e. FMA/HP, Twilight/HP and Anita Blake/HP).


I hope you enjoy these, as they are the product of my mental meanderings in the
last year or so.

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