December 28th, 2010

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Writing in 2010 and 2011

Somehow I managed to survive this last semester of school and have learned that Engineering and ECAD do not agree with me as future career possibilities. Alas, I have no new chapters or even revised chapters to post, mostly because I burned my brain out writing technical papers for Engineering and doing research for an Honors paper that I never did get around to writing. Next semester may be better for writing but it is also more reading intensive so we'll see how things go.

I am still revising Good Intentions at the moment to clarify some plot problems and am desperately seeking a BETA to bounce ideas off of. If you are interested in Beta-ing, please e-mail me. Somehow I managed to get tons of offers before and due to my horrible correspondence and RL problems, never did get back to anyone!

Other than some revision work for GI, I have been plagued by crossover plot bunnies which you may or may not eventually see posted on my Insanejournal. The only good news I can report is that I have not had any new novel-length ideas which means someday in the future I may actually get to finish Good Intentions, rewrite Irreversible Destiny and eventually start Precarious Destiny.

I wanted to thank everyone for their wonderful support and patience this year. Your comments and encouragement have really helped me pull through the rough times that occurred. While I have not written as often as I liked this year, I did do a lot of plotting so I expect once I get everything ironed out you will be seeing updates by this summer at the latest.

Have a great New Year and be safe, wherever you are!