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Writing Status

So it's been a while since I've written a post so I thought I'd write a quick one.

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Was thinking I'd write a short novella or a few one-shots for Christmas, sort of a 'thank you for sticking with me' type gift for all my wonderful reviewers. Haven't yet decided on what to write though, so I'm not sure yet if I can do this. Ideas anyone?

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Don't know if I will have the time to write again before Christmas, so everyone have a happy holiday!
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GI 5 Posted!

You can find the newest chapter at the following sites:

HPfandom- http://www.hpfandom.net/eff/viewstory.php?sid=23605&i=1

AFF- http://hp.adultfanfiction.net/story.php?no=600006427&chapter=6

FFN- http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3098394/6/

Sometime in the next week I will try to upload the newest version of the Character Appendix for this story.

Have fun reading and please leave me a review!


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GI 5

Unfortunately, I have not finished the chapter so I can't post it before I vanish off into the lands of no-internet. Fortunately, this away time will also give me plenty of time to finish so unless something catastrophic occurs, Good Intentions will be updated this weekend sometime.

Wish me luck, I have at least another two scenes to write and another to revise before sending it off for inspection. Hope everyone has a good week! Talk to you all when I get back home later this week. Happy Halloween!
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Astounding Progress

I'm going to be short and brief cause my wrists are killing me but I've done the near impossible. Somehow I have managed to type out over 20 pages for GI 5 in about 4 days! *cheers* At this rate, I'll be ready to post for sure by the end of this month and this will definitely be the longest chapter yet (28 full pages and still going).

I will warn you now, there is a HUGE plot twist in this chapter that will explain a lot of things that might not have made sense. What you'll make of it...well, I can only guess. So keep your eyes out for the next chapter! 
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GI 5 Status

First the characters were being uncooperative and then I came to the realization that if I wrote the chapter as I had been planning I would hit a slight plot hole a few chapters down the road. To avoid the problems this would cause later, I decided to scrap most of what I had and write things a little differently. Unsurprisingly, this will cause a slight delay due to the fact that only a two or three scenes can be re-used and the rest will have to be completely original.

At the moment, there's a lot of events to juggle and more characters to introduce. I'm trying to be cautious and not overwhelm you all with new information and plot twists. This story definitely is changing in ways I had not foreseen and such abrupt changes cause me to be a little more cautious. There's nothing I hate more than running head first into a massive plot hole. Times like this make me wish I had a stable beta for GI, I desperately need someone to bounce ideas off of.

This delay aggravates the hell out of me, so I can only imagine how it will irritate the rest of you. I thought I'd warn you ahead of time instead of letting you all wonder if I dropped off the face of the planet. In addition to this, I'm away from home about 4 1/2 days out of the week with no internet which can really bog down my writing. The earliest you can probably expect the next chapter would be early November, maybe. I make no promise on this because my schedule is very unpredictable.
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Sneaky Muses

Surprisingly, for being such a freak about needing all my facts and details organized, outlines and I do not get along. Period. Oh, I can get it to work well enough if it's for an essay or a report of some sort but when it comes to outlining creative writing processes, it's an utter failure. Thus, I don't bother with outlines.

My writing process involves a lot of brooding, researching and more brooding. But this weekend I told myself that I would stop wasting time doing nothing of importance and write so I did. Or I tried to anyway. Apparently, there's been some sort of significant plot change occurring and I'm only now finding that out. Either GI!Muse has been keeping secrets or the characters mobilized a mini-revolution in my brooding absence. Of course, it could be both of those scenarios, I wouldn't but it past the crazy imaginary people that inhabit my mind.

I wish though, that they could tell me these things sooner. I mean I wasted so much time on scenes that don't fit the chapter now. *sigh* And I still have so much I need to write that was actually supposed to be in this chapter (opposed to a lot of stuff that I wrote that didn't need to be put in here yet). In particular, I really, really want to write a scene that features more of Anastas' Parseltongue speaking Not-Friend. Though I'm not feeling evil or cruel enough to characterize him so that scene might have to wait until next chapter.

Where have all my grand plans gone? Oh yeah that's right...the muses and characters changed them all. Grr.
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Since it's been a while since I last mentioned how my writing progress was going, I decided I'd write a quick post.

Good Intentions

What can I say? For a while, I was making extremely good progress and then things just didn't add up correctly, I suppose. It's about 10 pages now, which is around halfway being complete (by my current page length standards) and much to my annoyance the five page flashback I wrote just doesn't fit the chapter any longer. *sighs* A lot of things I planned for, didn't happen yet and a lot of things I meant to write about later decided to make an entry now. All I can say is that if I'm not careful, it'll be lucky if I can keep things straight after this chapter is released. There's a lot of information to juggle and the political and social games have only gotten crazier now. In a way, I feel bad for Lucius because the competition is going to get worse from this point out.


There is so much background to set up for this story that I hope I haven't bombarded my readers with too much information too fast. I honestly don't know how much time I spent working out every little nuance about the Undying Curse. At the moment I think it has far too many holes still so I'll probably edit it again and have someone take a look at it to double check if I'm getting my point across and haven't missed anything. I really do enjoy this particular story though, I like the history of this incarnation of Harry best so far. Probably because I like to wonder about the what-ifs that make us who we are. So many things interact to make us what we are at the end of the day- our experiences, our beliefs, our goals, our dreams, the way we are treated and in turn the way we treat others. It's fascinating to play around with those what-ifs and the what-might-have-beens. It makes for interesting writing and this Harry is always entertaining to write simply because of his jaded attitude towards the world at large.

Irreversible Destiny (revision)

In a way, it still surprises me how I get the odd review every week or two from a new reader who has stumbled upon this epic. I'm still very pleased that though it's been almost over a year since I've finished and over two since I began posting, that people still enjoy this story. So there's really a lot of pressure to make the re-write good or hopefully, better than the first. I've changed a lot of things, smoothed out the flow and added more new material than I thought I would when I started. Still, I think it's good, solid writing and hopefully when I re-post, people will tell me that I've done better or done the story justice. Unfortunately, I think it's going to take me a lot longer to re-write it than I thought, there are so many things that have changed and it's causing a rather large ripple effect to form. Not a lot of things are going to remain the same but I think it'll cut back on all the non-essential stuff and deepen things that I should have spent more time explaining the first time.

Everything else

Basically, I write what I'm in the mood for so I haven't done much work on my other stuff yet other than ponder logistics and scenarios. I'm still pondering about the unwritten drabble prompts/requests and still haven't been inspired by something large enough to make me want to work at it. One day at a time I suppose and I'm in no particular rush.

On that note, I forgot to post here that I posted the first of my new drabble series on my IJ. As mentioned before, all fiction will now be found there. Here's the link:

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I think I'll be moving full time to InsaneJournal after the recent changes here at LJ. I'll probably keep this journal to stay active with the communities I'm a part of but I won't post any more fiction here and I will be deleting what is currently posted.

You can find me at IJ here:

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LJ- To stay or to go?

At the moment, I am currently really vexed. Why, oh why, do things have to be so complicated?! I'm still so new to LJ that all the recent upheavals leave me sort of puzzled at times but today, I figured I'd better look into things and figure out what's going on. So I looked and realized, I'm not the only one who's unhappy and/or confused about what's going on and what to do.

Thankfully, there are lots of people spreading the word around and other people brainstorming about options, options, options! So kudos to all of them.

Now, what am I going to do? That's an entirely different question. *eyeroll* I remember thinking, 'Oh I'll join LJ to make it easier for some of my reviewers to look at background stuff for my stories' (I do have a Yahoo!Group too but it can be such a bit of a pain). So of course, things go from being simple to complicated within a few months of my joining.

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Returning back to the LJ issues- I guess for the time being, I'll take a look at getting an InsaneJournal account though, I am definitely going to keep an eye on the in-the-works fandom journal/blogging. Anyway, when I make a decision or find the answer to some of the questions that have been bothering me, I'll be sure to let everyone know.

Comments, of course, are welcome. Somehow, I have the feeling I'm not the only one questioning some of the things I've mentioned.
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First of all, I am fine! As far as I am aware, no one in my immediate family or extended family was present during the bridge collapse last evening in Minneapolis. I would like to extend my sympathy to anyone who has lost a loved one, or is still waiting for news. Things are a little chaotic but the important thing is not to lose faith during such trying times.

I am making very good progress with GI 5 (13 complete pages) but with current events as they are, I am very uncertain how much progress I'll make in the coming days and weeks. My parents do a lot of work in Minneapolis and I have a brother who works for the Department of Transportation so I expect, there may be some disruption in my schedule. Rest assured, I will do my best to get the next chapter out promptly.

Stay safe and have a good rest of the week!
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